Mapping Experience: Programme *FINAL*

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10.00-10.30 Welcome speech by Marja Rytkönen, Round Table

PANEL 1 Nineteenth-Century Women Writing
Chair: Marja Rytkönen
10.30-10.50 Arja Rosenholm: “Russkaja ideja” from the Perspective of a Woman: “Kamen’ pretknovenija” by S.V.Engel’gardt
10.50- 11.10 Ursula Phillips: Glory to the Vanquished or Tribute to Lived Experience? Eliza Orzeszkowa’s Representation of 1863 in her Cycle of Stories Gloria Victis (1910)
11.10-11.30 Discussion

11.30-11.45 Coffee Break

11.45-12.05 Maria Mikhailova: Творческая индивидуальность и репутация писательницы (судьба произведений Габриэлы Запольской в России)
12.05-12.20 Discussion

12.20-14.15 Lunch break

PANEL 2 Women’s Writing and Memory
Chair: Urszula Chowaniec
14.15-14.35 Samanta Gorzelniak: Writing Utopia
14.35- 14.55 Olga Demidowa: ’In Their Own Voice’: Émigré Daughters about Themselves
14.55-15.15 Discussion

15.15-15.30 Coffee Break

PANEL 3 In Search of Individual Writer’s Experience (Towards Modernity 2)
Chair: Kirsti Ekonen
15.30-15.50 Nataliia Botkina: Фигура повествователя в письмах М. Цветаевой К. Родзевичу
15.50-16.10 Olga Kul’bakina: «Бред – с большой буквы…» (Самовосприятие в автобиографической повести А.И.Цветаевой «История одного путешествия»)
16.10-16.20 Discussion

16.20-16.30 Coffee break

PANEL 4 Pain and Extremity in Women’s Writing
Chair: Ursula Phillips
16.30-16.50 Ula Chowaniec: Different Time – Different Body - Different Pain? The Experience of Body in Pain in Polish Women’s Writing: The Fist Blood by Krzywicka (1930) and E.E. by Tokarczuk (1995)
16.50-17.10 Renata Ingbrant: ”The Trace of Extremity Within”: Anna Swirszczynska’s Poems from “Building the Barricade” (1974).
17.10-17.20 Discussion

18.30 Dinner at the Department of Russian Language and Culture (Room B5069)


PANEL 5 In Search of Historical Experience
Chair: Arja Rosenholm
10.00-10.20 Kirsi Kurkijärvi: Soviet Women in the Second World War—Experience, Memory and Generation
10.20-10.40 Marja Rytkönen: In Search of Historical Experience: Two Women Writers Recollecting the Soviet Past
10.40-11.00 Evgenia Stroganova: Женщина-автор и проблема мужского патронажа (Е.А. Ган и О.И. Сенковский)
11.00-11.15 Discussion

11.15-11.30 Coffee Break

PANEL 6 The Contemporary Women’s Writing
Chair: Evgenia Stroganova
11.30.-11.50 Irina Savkina: «Пиковая дама». Женственность и старость в современной женской прозе в России
11.50-12.10 Irina Mart’ianova: Реабилитация кинометафоры жизни в современной русской женской прозе (кинометафора жизни, кинодискурс)
12.10-12.30 Discussion

12.30-14.00 Lunch Break

PANEL 7 In Search for a Paradigm
Chair: Kirsi Kurkijärvi
14.00-14.20 Elena Sokol: Matrilineal moments: Generational intertexts in the novels of Daniela Hodrová
14.20-14.40 Agnieszka Mrozik: Catching a Wave? The Paradigms of the Women’s Movement in Poland after 1989
14.40-15.00 Katarzyna Czeczot: Dorota Maslowska’s Excessive Prose
15.00-15.15 Discussion

15.15-15.30 Coffee Break

PANEL 8 Towards Mythical Femininity
Chair: A. Mrozik
15.30-15.50 Małgorzata Radkiewicz: Re-construction and de-construction of a “wild woman”: femininity in a screenplay of Szamanka (1996) by Manuela Gretkowska.
15.50-16.10 Elżbieta Wiącek: The works by Olga Tokarczuk - mythical dimension, archetypes, gnosis, feminine touch and postmodern form
16.10-16.20 Discussion

16.20-17.00 Marja Rytkönen, Kirsi Kurkijärvi, Urszula Chowaniec: Conference Closing, Final Comments and Discussion

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