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WWoL no. 4 (2013) Literatura - Feminizm - Akademia

Coming soon WWoL no. 4 (2013): Literatura – Feminizm – Akademia, the issue on Polish feminism in the last decades, edited by Monika Świerkosz (issues will be published in Polish). Most of the articles have their origins in the Feminist Congress that took place in September 2011 in Kraków, Poland.

WWoL no. 3 (2012)

Coming soon WWoL no. 3 (2012): the translation of Maria Konopnicka’s Nasza szkapa (Our Hack) by Joanna Diana Caytas with the Introduction by Lena Magnone. Joanna Diana Caytas has worked as a professional translator of Polish literary, scholarly and scientific texts and also pursued in-depth studies of classical as well as modern, post-dependent Polish novels […]